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Five kinds of puffed foods that are most commonly eaten everyday, which one is necessary for you to watch the drama?

Puffed food can be said to be a favorite snack for most people, especially when watching a drama.
Potato chips
Potato chips can be said to be the most common puffed food, and Jimei is also very fond of eating, especially the current potato chips have a lot of flavor, and the giant likes to eat the taste of lime and spicy pot.
Who doesn't love Mimi shrimp, a pack of fifty cents, from childhood to growing up, has always been the most loved, of course, there are other brands, but Mimi is the favorite
Onion rings
The onion ring is actually a puffed food in the shape of a circle. In addition to the onion ring, the round shape also likes the chocolate circle. The rich chocolate taste, as long as it is a person who loves chocolate, there is no dislike.
Wonderful angle
The wonderful corner of fun is really a must-see for the show.
Chicken block
The puffed chicken flavor, I feel a lot of people, like to eat this, a bit oily, but the overall taste is good.